The Fair Shake

Ode to my Pentium 3.


I wanted to pay homage to an old friend who will soon depart on a journey to a new land, much like Bilbo Baggins at the end of the LoTR trilogy.

My old Dell.


Oh, my  old Pentium III

How I remember gaming with thee.

Now you are slow, but once you were fast

Unfortunately, that time has now past.


It was  exciting to purchase a Dell in 1999

We said you were for family, but I knew you were mine.

Yours was my first case with a quick release screw

How I always wished your case was see-through.


Remember the late nights with AOL 8

Sitting in chat rooms, A/S/L-ing a date?

I look at you now, and I shed virtual tears.

I realize you’ve sat for almost six years.


Your case now is a bit yellow with age.

But back in the day, you took center stage.

Your blue LED looked expensive and cool.

It was the first thing I saw when I got home from school.


Klingon Academy was a game we’d enjoy.

We’d invade Klingon space, search and destroy.

Asheron’s Call was a good MMO

I haven’t played that since long ago.


Remember modem gaming and all that lag?

Remember the times our mother would nag?

Remember our first burned DVD?

Remember me learning about USB?


Remember that day with the twin towers?

Remember reading CNN  for hours?

Remember how your CD ROM would not open?

Remember the “needle trick” because it was broken?


When I got a ‘real job’ I was no longer poor.

The first thing I bought was  a Pentium four.

My parents then used you for work and such.

By then, I never used you much.


They bought a new tower from Tigerdirect.

You then went to the basement, dormant with neglect.

You’re too young to be old, yet too old to be new.

I thought for a time what to do with you.


I am a pack rat, and it’s a problem I face.

I wanted to keep you, but I could not make a case.

I’ve decided to sell you, to the highest bidder.

May you be useful to the auction winner.


If you are parted, I will not lament.

I will think of the time together we spent.

I’ll hang your picture in the game room,

And think of the times we used to play Doom


Things have changed, I now own a house.

I even got a sweet LED mouse.

Thanks Dell XPS t750r, you served me well.

As I box you up to mail, I’ll try not to dwell.


Bon voyage...

Bon voyage…