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Atari Poop – Chuck Norris Superkicks

Let me start by saying that Chuck Norris has absolutely no redeeming qualities. None. Also, please, I’m begging you, no Chuck Norris jokes in the comments or else you will be banned from commenting on 1 More Castle (Hey Eric, do I have the authority to do this?

Editor's Note: ... No. -- Eric.

You never let me have any fun.)

Chuck Norris Superkicks - Cartridge

So, Chuck Norris Superkicks: if that sounds like a stupid title for a game, it’s because it the the title of a stupid game, making it a stupid title for a stupid game. It’s the only thing about the game that I’d call perfect. The rest of the game is completely vile garbage, much like Chuck Norris. I suppose it’s possible for someone to not think this game is trash… IF THEY’RE A TOTAL RACIST!!!

Did you see that crap?! This game is about Chuck Norris walking home from a Ku Klux Klan rally (he took his hood off because it’s warm) and picking a fight with every single brown-skinned person he happens to meet. I know the 80s where a while ago and that “those were different times,” but I would have liked to think that a game where you punch and kick people of other races exclusively until there are none of them left would have been met with massive protests, or any kind of protest at all, yet I can find no mention of anything of the sort anywhere. The 80s are racist.

Now, some of you may be asking yourselves why Chuck isn’t also punching and kicking homosexuals and atheists in this game. Fair question… IF YOU’RE A TOTAL RACIST!!! What, Hispanics can’t be atheists? African Americans can’t be homosexuals? You think you can decipher someone’s religious affiliation and sexual orientation just by looking at them? That’s sounds a little bigoted and homophobic, just like Chuck Nor… wait a minute? Are YOU Chuck Norris? Well, sir, your video game was worse than your acting. True story. Also, thanks for reading and could you please tell your friends.

Chuck Norris - Douchebag