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049 – Better looking in 4:3

2.40:1, 16.18:10, 16:9, 5:3, 1.85:1, 16:10, 3:2, are all for chumps.

Our Intro and Outro music is by Ben Landis off his album Adventures in Pixels – “Credits Music for an 8 Bit RPG” (Twitter @thebenlandis)

Our interlude track was Videogame Orchestra “Super Pipe House”


16:42 – Listener email discussion question “1. What is approximate size of your games collections? 2. Are you trying to collect/play/achieve a specific goal (e.g. total collection for x system or all items in x game) 3. – What console gaming system would you most like to own at the moment and why?

31:40 – Videogame Orchestra “Super Pipe House”

33:40 – Retro Showdown!

35:04 – Jason’s Pick “The Incredible Machine 3” (PC)

36:03 – Hunter’s Pick “ChuChu Rocket!” (Sega Dreamcast)

37:05 – Tom’s Pick “Collapse!” (Browser Flash Game)

38:04 – Our theme for this week is about puzzles. It’s a puzzle to figure it out.

1:01:59 – We still need email discussion questions so don’t think you’re getting off the hook that easy. Also, we could use some chiptune/nerdcore music tracks to play as well or Bailey’s going to keep playing this Super Mario RPG stuff. Gross, right? So let’s get them in!


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