Hello Grim Fandango, Goodbye Tank Controls

Grim Fandango is, perhaps, LucasArts greatest adventure game. Written by Tim Schafer, the game was released in 1998 to critical affair. While the games Day of the Dead inspired world remains fresh and exciting, the game notably employs the infamous tank control system. However, fear not, a modder has come to your rescue.

Modder tobiasspfaff has effectively removed the tank control system from the game, replacing it with a much more enjoyable point-and-click interface.

As he states in his post over at ResidualVM:

“I got annoyed by the Grim Fandango’s tank controls, so I made a classical point&click interface. The game is now 100% playable with mouse only (bugs to be expected, though).

As the game was never intended to be used with mouse control, and contains a lot of puzzles with non-standard controls, this required massive modifications of both ResidualVM and the game source. Some of the RVM edits may have unintended consequences for other games and platforms, so I think it’s better to keep the codebase separate.”

Though the game currently can’t be found to buy on any digital download service at present (along with most of the LucasArts adventure game library), the mod will hopefully make the game more accessible for those wanting to go back and discover it for the first time. The mod can be found for download over at the ResidualVM forums.