Activate Broken Age’s Retro Mode

Are you a fan of Double Fine’s Broken Age? Are you eagerly appreciating the second half of the game, but are wanting to play more now? Did you perhaps want the game to be a little more retro? If you answered yes to those question, head on after the break to see how to activate the games “Retro Mode”.

As seen in the video above, all you have to do is enter the options menu and set the resolution down to 640×480. Once that’s done, head to the control customization and you’ll see a new icon to which you can assign a button. This will thenn allow you to toggle on and off retro mode. Even better, you’ll be able to set the game back to a higher resolution afterwards and still use the newly mapped button.

Though it’s a video filter overlaid on the game’s graphics engine, it does give a nice retro aesthetic to the game.