Review a Bad Game Day Approaches!

It is that time once again! To change the battery in our smoke detectors? To swap out the baking soda in the fridge? To dust off our collections of Pez dispensers? NOOOOO! Ok, well maybe but I am speaking to the greatest spectacle on the internet today. That’s right. It is that time of year once again when Review a Bad Game Day rises from its slumber to feed on the despair caused by the worst games the world has to offer.

Every year, 1 More Castle hosts Review a Bad Game Day. Gamers from all over the internet combine to post reviews of games that are totally offensive to one or more senses. It doesn’t matter whether you contribute to 1 More Castle, your own personal blog, another gaming website, or nowhere at all. This is an open invite to all gamers everywhere. Options will be available to link to your work elsewhere or post directly on the site. Also, your game does NOT have to be universally accepted as a bad game. If it is bad to you, tell us about it.

Review a Bad Game Day will be held this year on August 8, 2014. That means that you have less than a month to get to reviewin’. Go pick your games, force your way through them, and prepare to warn all of us of their horror on August 8. When the time comes, we will open up the submission forms on In the meantime, go check out the site to see reviews of horrible games from the previous years. It is your privilege, NAY, your duty to warn us all of these relics from the underworld. The citizens of Earth are counting on you.