1 More Castle Community Gaming Night

Hi, everyone! Tom here, breaking doctor’s orders and writing to give you some important news! The gaming community as a whole has been nuttier than a squirrel’s cheeks in October lately and here at 1 More Castle, we’ve been fortunate enough to become somewhat of a refuge from the madness. As 1/2 of the Community Management team, that makes me smile. I have been wanting to do something to help remind everyone why it is we’re all here to begin with: to have fun with video games and share our love of video games with others. An idea was born.

Thanks to some collaboration, advice, and testing with the 1 More Castle team, I am beyond excited to announce the very first ever 1 More Castle Community Gaming Night! It will take place on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 beginning at 8pm EST. We will be playing Team Fortress 2, which is available for free on Steam. How can you join the fun? Simple! Join the 1 More Castle Steam group and be online at the date and time mentioned earlier. We’ll invite you to our session. Join some of your favorite 1 More Castle contributors and even Jason Lamb!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned vet or if you’ve never played the game before. This night is about having fun. Personally, the only time I’ve ever played it was while we were testing it out so no worries, ye inexperienced. Remember, this night is about relaxing and having a good time just playing video games. Get your beers, sodas, snacks, headsets, and whatever else you like to game with ready. It’s time to take our community back. I’ll see you on October 22 on the glorious field of TF2 battle!