Playing With Power

Playing With Power – Nintendo Power #3

So after the controversy of issue 2’s cover, Nintendo scaled back the cover of issue 3 for one of the most boring covers…a pair of tennis shoes.  Sure they are tennis shoes with rockets…but shoes none the less. Not too much changed with the issue, the format is the same and the amount of coverage per game is still pretty expansive.  A couple firsts in the issue…role playing games were given a true introduction with an explanation of how they are different than other games as it relates to slower action and longer gameplay and then proceeds to highlight Ultima and Legacy of the Wizard, neither which are greatly remembered these days.  Also, for anyone who might remember the cartoon Captain N: The Game Master, the character was introduced in this issue with a short story about the origin of the character.  The story isn’t the same as the one from the cartoon but it’s interesting to learn that the character did originate in the pages of this magazine. Enjoy issue 3!

On another note, as I’ve started working through my issues of Nintendo Power I have found I am actually missing issues 7, 8 and 9.  I am going to start searching online to purchase the issues but if anyone has a copy of any of these issues and would be willing to donate, please send me an email at  Thanks and see you next time!

Play with power!