Video game characters I’d freak out to see in Wreck It Ralph

It’s almost time for the film that combines video gaming generations with Disney marketing, as Wreck It Ralph approaches quickly.

This film already contains an almost literal who’s-who of video gaming history, including classic characters from Pac-Man, Frogger, Dig Dug, Q*bert, Super Mario Bros., Sonic, Street Fighter and even Tapper!  Screen stills have shown uncommon arcade titles such as Food Fight and even Agent-X are in the film.

However, even with characters from uncommon arcade titles showing up in the previews for the film, there are still characters that I’d be surprised to see appear.  Here are some that I’d totally freak out for an appearance by.

Zeke (Zoo Keeper) – Taito had big plans for Zeke, the zoo keeper for the most destructive animals ever.  They heavily licensed his name and likeness, seemingly planning to pull off a big licensing run like Pac-Man, Mario and others had at the time, but it wasn’t meant to be.  If Zeke shows up in Wreck It Ralph he may finally be able to turn his lights on again.

Stanley the Bugman (Donkey Kong 3) – Mario went into business with his brother, so Nintendo threw us the arcade version of Coy and Vance Duke to replace him with 1983’s hardly seen Donkey Kong 3.   Outside of a one-episode appearance in an episode of Saturday Supercade, Stanley never had any mainstream entertainment appearances or starring roles again.  His car was recently repo’d, too.  Hope the guy can get the help.

Lode Runner (Um, Lode Runner) – I loved this game and still do, and I know it also holds a place close to the heart of many in the gaming industry today.  That being said, though, I’d be stunned to see the guy.  Last I’d heard he was working for a very weird demolition and recovery company on the south side of the city.

Mr. Do! (Mr. Do series, goofball) – Another game series that I loved, hard times have fallen on the multi-talented clown, last seen at the grand opening of the off-brand burger joint that opened up in that long-closed Wendy’s across town.  The guy can spell E-X-T-R-A ya know… he should at the very least be cast as one.

The Pac-Bastards – That’s the name I’ll give to the non-Namco created Pac-Man characters, outside of Ms. Pac-Man, which Namco still stars in games.  If Jr. Pac-Man, Baby Pac-Man and especially Professor Pac-Man showed up in the film, I’d certainly freak out.  Last I’d heard, Jr. and Baby were trying to sell a reality show concept called Yellow versus Orange, where they challenged Jersey Shore cast members to fights… and Professor Pac-Man was teaching at the local culinary school.

Who would YOU be shocked to see in Wreck It Ralph?