Games of Christmas past: A look back in time

I’m sure if you are reading this the odds are pretty high that you have a game under your tree this year or put one there for someone else.

I sometimes think back to games I was given at this time of year as a kid, and I’ve decided to share some of those memories today.

Frogger (Commodore 64) – This was on cassette.  Yes… cassette.  Took 32 minutes to load, too… and I was ok with that. Spare me your load time remarks today.

Fraction Fever (Commodore 64) – This was a game with a stick figure on a pogo stick, jumping around on various floors in an effort to find matching fractions and zap them.  I guess my dad thought it would teach me about fractions, but I didn’t learn spit from it.  I’d get to the top floor then jump off, watching my guy die in one epic multi-screen fall to his death.

– The NES Max Controller (NES) – Not a game.  That’s why I’m including it here.  The same Christmas where I got my NES saw me get one of these from an aunt who “thought it was a game.”  She bought it because it was the cheapest thing on the shelf, I guarantee ya.

– Ultima: Exodus (NES) – I must have put three dozen titles on the list this Christmas.  This was one of them, and my parents made sure to let me know they picked it out because of the promise on the back of the box that it had “over 100 hours of game time.”  I beat games too quickly back then I suppose.  I beat this one in 20 hours.

Bases Loaded (NES) – My favorite baseball game of this era.  Paste was a damn beast.

Dr. Mario (NES) – I was encouraged to play with pills on Christmas when the highly addicting Dr. Mario came home with me from the family gathering at my uncle’s house.  Of the select games I’ve mentioned so far, this is one I’ll still play pretty often to this very day.

Madden NFL 94 (SNES) – Starting my still-alive obsession with the Madden series, I lived vicariously through this game at the time.  If my Dallas Cowboys had a rough week, I’d make up for it by obliterating the computer in this game.  If I’d known what it would be like to be a Cowboys fan in the years since I wouldn’t have been so mad at opposing teams back then.

As I said… this is just a few of ’em.  I could go on all day, and I’m sure you could, too.  What are some games YOU got in past Christmases that you might wish to recall today?