Did you know? Well now you know, and you know what knowing is.

Holidays are over.  The kids go back to school now.  Seemed like an appropriate time to do one of these and maybe do a little teaching myself.

Here’s some fairly random video game trivia to get your minds working again as we kick 2013 into gear.

– Did you know that classic NES RPG Dragon Warrior implies something not quite Rated G?  Rescue the princess and stop by an inn before you take her back to the king.  The innkeeper will say something different than usual, seeming to imply that you might not have slept much.  I’d love to know if the original version flat out says it.

– Did you know what the voice that screams “WORLD. CHAMPIONSHIP. WRESTLLIIIINNNGGG!” in the WCW NES game is the voice of Paul Heyman, currently the manager of WWE Champion CM Punk?  At the time he was a WCW manager under the name Paul E. Dangerously.

– Did you know that Bally Midway turned down Pole Position in favor of licensing Mappy, a cat-and-mouse platform game?  Midway’s rival company Atari got Pole Position instead, meaning the choice gave their competitors the biggest arcade hit of 1983 on a silver platter.

– Did you know that there were versions of the original Q*bert arcade game that featured advertisements for brands such as the 7-Eleven corner store chain and the soft drink Mellow Yellow?

– Did you know that Donkey Kong 3 hero Stanley the Bugman actually appeared on one episode of the Donkey Kong cartoon on the Saturday Supercade series?  It was in the second-to-last episode “Greenhouse Gorilla

– Did you know the truck stop that plays such an important role in The Last Starfighter also appears in Rob Zombie’s 2005 film The Devil’s Rejects?  It’s had a facelift during the time in-between.

– Did you know that a Baby Pac-Man machine, with all it’s branding removed, appears in the diner in the later seasons of ABC’s Family Matters?  (That show with Urkel).

– Did you know the NES was originally slated to come out with wireless controllers?

– Did you know that I’m out of Did you knows for right now?