What songs do your favorite games remind you of? I wanna know

Video games.  Music.

Music.  Video games.

Both have been entertainment mainstays for many moons.  Music tends to tie itself to moments and memories in your life.  In the case of a multi-decade chronic video game player, they remind me of various games, too.

A lot of my early video gaming days took place at local skating rinks, so I’d always be playing games there while hearing the hits of the MTV generation.  My later NES days would also be tied to music, as I’d almost always stop by a friend’s house and listen to some stuff before heading home to attempt to save whatever princess was in trouble that day.  I still catch myself hearing them during those castle scenes in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link to this day.  Van Halen’s Jump will forever be tied to Moon Patrol when I see it or play it as well.

I can’t be alone in this.  There’s gotta be others like me here.

So spill it.  There’s this thing below here.  This little piece of literature should already have you thinking of or even humming a tune, so tell us what it is and what game(s) it’s forever tied to with you.