1 More Podcastle joins the Retroids podcast network

Over the weekend of March 23-24 2013, Bailey and Hunter, the two Erics, podcast co-hosts, were able to enjoy the Midwest Gaming Classic in Milwaukee (pics or it didn’t happen) on behalf of 1 More Castle. We had a ton of fun introducing kids to NES games for the first time, playing lots of arcade cabinets, shaking hands, and meeting lots of like-minded gamers.

But we had an ulterior motive, too: While we were there, the Retroids podcast network announced that 1 More Podcastle is joining up with them! We got to do a live introduction and everything, alongside AddedXP, the other new podcast on the Retroids network. When we were initially asked if we wanted to join, it really seemed like a no-brainer decision, one with plenty of benefits and no consequences. I can now say that any hesitation I had with joining Retroids was eased by the warm welcome we received from “Trickman” Terry and Ken “Sushi-X” (Retroids founders, whom savvy retro folks may remember as former writers for Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine), along with Joel, the network manager, who even let us sit in on a live podcast recording for his A Band Of Gamers show.

So, just to be clear: 1 More Podcastle is now a part of the Retroids podcast network.


What does this mean for our listeners?

Do not fear: The only change to the podcast itself is, literally, the fact that we will mention our Retroids.com affiliation somewhere in the episode. Beyond that, the show format is not changing. New episodes will still go up on the site on Mondays. You can still vote in the Retro Showdown, we will still welcome listener emails, and the same Bailey/Hunter/Jason dynamic will be featured.

However, because of this partnership, you have stuff to gain. Basically, 1 More Podcastle is now incorporated into Retroids.com. The Retroids podcast network has, for a long time, been maintaining their own culture and community — so we are honored to fold into that.

One of the primary ways this is accomplished is through discussion forums — which 1 More Podcastle now has one of its very own. It may not look like much right now, but our hope is that not only will existing Retroids fans check out what 1MC has to offer, but that some 1MC site-goers will migrate over to Retroids to participate in the forums.

Seriously, I encourage you to go check out what Retroids has to offer. Listen to the other great podcasts, check out the chatroom, look at what they are doing with livestream score-chasing on classic consoles, register for the forums, and generally have fun.

Joining Retroids does not represent a drastic change, but instead just another way of broadening the community reach — which is what we’re all about, here at the Castle. Thanks for your continued listening and support as we continue expanding the podcast.