River City Ransom 2 announced, in development

[Editor’s Note: Although this new project is indeed a follow-up to the original River City Ransom, it will not specifically be called “River City Ransom 2.” — Bailey.]

Stop the presses. Hold the phone. Is it true?

Yeah, it is not just a rumor. You can be forgiven for not believing it, since a prior RCR2 effort was postponed indefinitely, but this time there is much room for real hope.

Full credit to Polygon.com for tipping the story that a sequel to one of the most beloved, high-quality, most unique NES video games of all time.

Seriously, if you are a fan of 8-bit gaming but have never tried the original River City Ransom, I thoroughly recommend it. It is a beat-’em-up, but with RPG elements. It has an entire in-game economy set up around storefronts that provide healing items and statistical bonuses. The game also has a healthy dose of humor, and comes from the same team as other classics such as Super Dodge Ball, so you know the over-the-top combat mechanics are intact.

Hopefully, this new team will follow in the same grand tradition. By the sounds of their nostalgia-soaked announcement, though, it sounds like we have a contender for keeping the canon in good hands.

There is an official website for the project. The bad news: It is currently in “Coming Soon” mode, with little actual content. The good news: You can sign up to receive an email when there is more to learn.

River City Ransom 2 is aiming for an August 2014 release on Windows PC, with other platforms “under consideration.”

A long time to wait? Perhaps. But if this is half as good as the original, some of us are willing to wait for a chance to do it right.