Top 10 Pokémon Hybrids

Pokémon Blue and Pokémon Red were the original two Game Boy video games that ushered in an explosively popular new era of Nintendo franchise mania that continues to this day through new title releases. Before the world was awash in Pikachu pajamas and holographic-foil Charizard cards, an entire millenium before the one in which they eventually ran out of new colors and had to resort to X and Y designations, some of us truly enjoyed Generation 1 for its addictive, in-depth gameplay.

It is those original fans that will likely get the biggest kick out of Pokemon Fusion, as created by Alex Onsager. This is a website that allows, simply and elegantly, a user to select two first-region Pokémon, after which a hybrid will be formed that combines their names and appearances.

Basically, the Pokémon hybrid generator will use the body shape of the species selected on the left, while using the color scheme and face of the Pokémon selected on the right. You can even tweet a unique URL for that particular hybrid in order to share your abomination with everyone. Note, however, that not nearly all of the original Pokémon are available (yet?). Several dozen are, though.


Now, just to be honest: I am obsessed with this thing. I love it. I am tempted to simply go through and try every single combination, laughing and recoiling in terror along the way, as I finally get it out of my system. I am not there yet, but in the meantime, enjoy my picks for the Top 10 Pokémon Hybrids, in no particular order.





Blastoise + Psyduck = One bad motherducker that nobody wants to mess with. This Water-type Pokémon would surely be a force to be reckoned with. As a Fusion example, it perfectly illustrates some of the fantastic name combos that can be created (I mean, seriously, Blastduck? What are we, a Disney cartoon superhero?), along with a great sample of how a striking body can combine smoothly with the right face and color scheme.




Machamp + Pidgeotto = While the Flying and Fighting types within this hybrid Pokémon may be eternally locked in an inner struggle, we at least get to enjoy the amusing image of a bird face haphazardly shoved onto someone’s midsection. As humorous as this birdbrain is, it is also actually a great example of coloring — if you look at Machamp’s original hues, this may actually be an improvement. Huh.




Alakazam + Haunter = It seems that the Pokémon Fusion hybrids end up either hilarious or horrifying. This one definitely falls into the latter category. That visage is just so creepy! Maybe it is just because Alakazam was my favorite Pokémon back in my Blue days, but this violet monstrosity gives me the heebie jeebies.





Bulbasaur + Parasect = ProTip: Selecting Parasect on the right sight means that whatever Pokémon body selected on the left will gain a stylish, chic pair of hipster glasses. If creating a new meme is what you seek, I bet one of the Parasect punchlines will be the key to viral victory.





Poliwhirl + Primeape = Lol. Once you have experimented with Pokémon Fusion for a while, you learn a few crucial lessons on your path to truly becoming a mad scientist. For instance, not all of the faces look right on all of the bodies. Whether due to oddly placed pixels, distorted dimensions, or other reasons, some combinations just look “off” in their execution. However, you will occasionally come across a gem. Primeape looks superb, like he is his own original characters, or as though he is so self-aware that he is actually angry at how comical he now appears. How meta.





Pidgeot + Venusar = In addition to having a name that sounds like a Jurassic Park sequel reject, Pidgusaur just looks like a doofus. Those exotic colors may get a lot of looks from the local bird-watching crew, but outside of the aviary, I assure you, this guy just gets laughed at and publicly shamed by the other Pokémon. At least he looks utterly fabulous.




Nidorina + Golbat = Yikes! Okay, this one might straddle the fine line between scary and laughable. That gaping, fanged maw looks like it could do some serious damage to vulnerable victims in its path; but with such an oversized underbite, under those tiny beady eyes, which are under enormous elephant-like satellite-dish ears, can anyone really take this Pokémon seriously? Face it, Nidobat: You are a clown. Feared by many, but ultimately only good for a laugh. Another tip: Both Zubat and Golbat are great candidates for right-side placement, given their exaggerated facial features.





Cloyster + Beedrill = This one works on so many levels. Both of these Pokémon happen to have very similar spiky features, making this a great fit right away. The name sounds workable, and Beedrill’s face really nestles into that midsection well. That bright yellow shell armor, enclosed around a darker inner layer, certainly makes for a provocative appearance. She is a beauty.




Slowpoke + Doduo = D’AWWWWWWWW I WANT ONE








Those are my Top 10 Pokémon Hybrids, but there are thousands of other combinations to discover. I highly encourage you to try Pokémon Fusion for yourself, and please feel free to leave your own favorite Pokémon hybrids in the comments below.

Honorable Mentions

GolbellMagnegongTentaranGoldashDigpieArcamoth jigglyishFearkingKrabzee