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058 – Quacktulence

The title was a Bailey joke, although you probably didn’t need me to tell you that.

Our Intro and Outro music is by Ben Landis off his album Adventures in Pixels – “Credits Music for an 8 Bit RPG” (Twitter @thebenlandis)

Our interlude track was Platformer “Radpole Pond”


25:49 – Listener email discussion question – This time around, we answered questions from our live stream audience! Some very thought provoking stuff. You should be there!

39:51 – Platformer “Radpole Pond”

42:28 – Retro Showdown!

45:03 – Bailey’s Pick “Tiny Toon Adventures” (NES)

47:04 – Hunter’s Pick “Ren & Stimpy: Space Cadet Adventures” (Gameboy)

48:54 – Jason’s Pick “Duck Tales: Quest for Gold” (PC/DOS)

49:58 – We picked our favorite cartoons turned into games for this week. Let’s listen, shall we?

1:09:43 – Well, it was a long one, but we got lots covered. Next time we would like to answer your email questions and we hope that you will join us for the next live stream. Get to see and hear lots of stuff that doesn’t make it into the podcast. Join us!


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