Broderbund archives donated to National Museum of Play

Broderbund, the company which brought you such games as Prince of Persia, the Guardian Legend, and Carmen Sandiego, has found a new home for it’s archives.

Sold to The Learning Company in 1998, Broderbund was founded by Doug and Gary Carlson in 1980 in an effort to market Doug’s game Galactic Empire. The company would then go on to publish genre defining games such as Myst, Sim City, and the aforementioned Prince of Persia.

broderbund collection

Recently, co-founder Doug Carlson has donated the company’s records, design documents, and games for permanent archiving at The Strong’s International Center for the History of Electronic Gaming (ICHEG). This collection included materials documenting the development of Lode Runner, Sim City, Myst, and a number of other PC releases over the companies 18 year existence..

The material can be found at The Strong National Museum of Play, and is available upon request.