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Top 10 Console Point and Click Games

One of my favorite video game genre is the adventure genre. More specifically, I really enjoy adventure point and click games. These are the games where you click everything and combine everything, because even the most mundane items can save the world.

It’s a shame that these games are slowly fading away from the public eye, because they were some of the most creative games ever made. Luckily we still have new point and click games like Machinarium, Broken Age, and The Wolf Among Us keeping the genre alive.

These games were generally on the PC, so console gamers didn’t get a chance to play the classics until later when Steam rolled around. However, a few made their way to the consoles. So today I decided to count down my favorite retro point and click games that made had a US console release.

With all that said, let’s begin.


10.) Discworld

Terry Pratchett is one of my favorite authors, and if you haven’t already, check out his Discworld series which is a hilarious fantasy adventure series of books.

The books were so popular that they made several games based on them. The one I’m talking about was called Discworld or Discworld: The Trouble with Dragons. It was released on the PC, Saturn, and PS1.

The game stars the incompetent wizard, Rincewind, and it closely follows the Discworld novel, Guards! Guards!

The game is just okay. The writing, voice acting, and story is hilarious, especially with Eric Idle as Rincewind. However, the game is a bit buggy and very tough.


9.) Maniac Mansion

Many games were cut in order for this list to be made. Nevertheless, I decided to give a little nod to The Neverhood in this list’s featured image, and then decided to give the number 9 spot to Maniac Mansion.

Maniac Mansion was on of the first and best games from legendary developers, Lucasfilm Games, now known as LucasArts.

You play as Dave Miller, on a quest to rescue his girlfriend from an evil mad scientist, there’s more to it than that, but I don’t wanna ruin the story (in fact I’ll probably glance over the story for most these games). The game is an homage to horror films and b-horror cliches. Thus, it is filled with hilarious writing and jokes. Which were a bit censored in the NES release, but if you truly wanna experience Maniac Mansion, I suggest the original.


8.) King’s Quest V

While I played King’s Quest V on the NES, I recommend the PC version more. It’s just a smoother game and looks better, that’s probably why this game isn’t any higher on this list.

Nevertheless, King’s Quest V is a great point and click game with constant narration. You play as King Graham who is walking through the woods one day when he discovers his castle has vanished.

The game is a pretty standard point and click game, with memorable deaths and one very memorable character. Cedric, the completely useless owl… and a poisonous snake!


7.) Blazing Dragons

One of the funniest point and click games is this Saturn/PS1 classic. What else would you expect from Monty Python star Terry Jones?

The game is a spoof of King Arthur and Camelot but with wise-cracking, British, anthropomorphic dragons. It’s full of jokes and sexual innuendos too, for all you pervs.

You play as Flicker, a dragon with is in love with Princess Flame. You goal is to become a knight through various point and click antics, and marry the princess.


6.) Uninvited

Uninvited is going to be very similar to a game appearing later on this list, but that’s because they were made by the same company and use the same engine.

In this game you enter a mansion to rescue your lost sister. As you explore the mansion you discover that there are no living residents, and that it used to be owned by a sorcerer.

The rest of the game is you solving logical puzzles that are seemingly illogical and difficult to figure out. While you explore more and more of the mansion.


5.) Loom

One of the most beautiful point and click games ever released was Loom. It was mostly on computers, but ported over to the TurboGrafx-CD and is now available on Steam. (Buy it!)

While other LucasArts games were silly and nonsensical, Loom was a point and click game with a serious fantasy story. You played as Bobbin Threadbare, a man with a distaff who can weave magical spells. The story is a beautiful tapestry of magic and classical music that one must experience.

Some people may think this game is too easy, and impossible to fail. However, I believe Loom is more about the experience and not the challenge.


4.) Shadowgate

Shdowgate, was made by the same people who made Uninvited, but it was the most successful game they made. There have been sequels and a Kickstarter to make a new one.

“The last thing that you remember is standing before the wizard Lakmir as he gestured wildly and chanted in an archaic tongue. Now you find yourself staring at an entryway which lies at the edge of a forest. The Druid’s words still ring in your ears: “Within the walls of the Castle Shadowgate lies your quest.”

Shadowgate is a tough point and click game. You will die a lot. It’s also a very player oriented game. You can play how you want, and there are multiple solutions to some of the puzzles. Don’t let the constant deaths get you down because Shadowgate is one hell of a game.


3.) Nightshade

This was actually one of, if not the first point and click adventure game I ever played, and I cannot get enough of it. The game isn’t your typical point and click game as it also has fighting segments and a popularity meter.

Metro City is overrun by one gigantic crime gang. There is chaos in the streets and only one man can stop it. That man is Mark Gray, aka Nightshade aka Lampshade. He must point, click, and fight to stop Sutekh and the other crime lords (Rat King, Goliath, Lord Muck, and Ninja Mistress).

The game is hilarious and unique. The writing still makes me laugh today and there are numerous traps and game overs you can avoid if you’re quick enough. Hell! The game starts you off tied to a chair with a bomb to your back!


2.) Clock Tower

You may remember how much I love the PS1 version of Clock Tower from my Top 10 Survival Horror games.

Clock Tower is about a man named Edward, but the real star is the Scissorman. The Scissorman is an unstoppable slasher villain. Who can appear at random, and who often hides in closets and bathrooms that the protagonist uses as well. You cannot defeat the Scissorman you can only slow him down… and then run for your life.

Clock Tower is different from many other point and click adventure games, because it is a survival horror game as well. It adds a sense of dread and rush to your pointing and clicking because at any moment the Scissorman can come out and kill you. You had to avoid the Scissorman while you solved puzzles.

I love this game.


1.) The Secret of Monkey Island

It was a tough decision between this game and Clock Tower. While I adore Clock Tower on the PS1, there’s something indescribable about The Secret of Monkey Island. This game is known for its PC version, but it was also released on SEGA CD.

In this game you play as Guybrush Threepwood who yearns to be a pirate. In order to become a pirate, Guybrush must complete three seperate pirate tasks that take him throughout the island. While on his quest he learns about the ghost pirate, LeChuck and then is tasked with stopping LeChuck’s evil deeds.

The Secret of Monkey Island has the best writing and story out of any point and click adventure game I have ever played. You side with Guybrush because he’s just a normal man pursuing his goal. In addition, it’s a point and click game where you want to explore everything. The humor is sarcastic at points, and right in your face during others, but is hilarious and memorable.
Well those are my favorite point and click adventure games… and I don’t know how to end this list so… umm….

“Look! A Three-Headed Monkey!”.