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91 – My Parents Are Dead!

I’m not sure how Alfred put up with it for so many years, frankly.

Our Intro and Outro music is by Ben Landis off his album Adventures in Pixels – “Credits Music for an 8 Bit RPG” (Twitter @thebenlandis)

Our interlude track was “BRKBRKBRK” by NimbleF0x 

Show Notes

11:36 – Listener email discussion question “I managed to hack my PSP and put a ton of NES, Genesis, GBA and PS1 games. An ungodly amount, probably 500 games in total. But then I noticed that my enjoyment of retro gaming went down big time. Has this ever happened to you?”
22:52 – “BRKBRKBRK” by NimbleF0x
27:27 – Retro Showdown!
30:11 – Bailey’s Pick “NBA Jam T.E.” (Sega Genesis)
31:52 – Hunter’s Pick “Deer Avenger 4” (PC)
34:52 – Jason’s Pick “Deer Hunter 2” (PC)
35:29 – It’s a post-con showdown with games featuring… antlers… yeah… that should be fun.
52:49 – We are back in business after our Indy Pop Con weekend. We are looking for nerdcore or chip tune artists to showcase. Know someone?! Let them to us and we will promote the Lolo out of it. Also, emails, comments, vote. You know the drill.

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Which is the best game?
NBA Jam T.E. (Sega Genesis) - Bailey
Deer Avenger 4 (PC) - Hunter
Deer Hunter 2 (PC) - Jason
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