My Two Gils

My Two Gils – Introduction

Ah, 1 More Castle! Finally! Most of you have probably seen me roaming about the site quite frequently, I assume my arrival doesn’t come as much of a surprise. As a gaming enthusiast and hobbyist blogger, I had been thinking of creating a series for this wonderful site, but, despite my creative endeavors, no idea came to mind, until now.

I’ve been analyzing a lot of successful websites, looking for what 1 More Castle might be missing. To be honest, the website is already full of content: The professional reviews of the Retro Critic, Genesis Moss, Alex Weiss, Chris Carboni and Tom Hall, the showcasing of little known games by Joe Walker and Alana Dunitz, the entertainment provided by the podcast, the rants of Joshua Caleb, the Countdowns of Eric Vole, the musings of Dustin Faber and Zack Smith and the incredibly hard-working hands-on journalism team of GMZ (I am probably forgetting someone), what could 1 More Castle possibly lack?

MTG_Intro_1.jpgA set of exclusive 3D articles? No. Well… Maybe

Unfortunately, 1 More Castle fails to achieve the main element of a successful website: Wasting the reader’s time. Reddit, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and other major websites all have this aspect in common. You visit the site and four hours later, you wonder where time went and usually feel like you did not learn anything or gain anything from the experience. It’s nothing like the 8 hours you spent trying to breed a shiny Pokémon, farming for rare items or navigating a wall of Russian blocks. As you look back, you realize there’s no way to retrieve this wasted time. It has fallen into a void, a success void.

That’s where I come in. Every two weeks, I will assault and anesthetize your brain for the length of this article.  You will see debates about “undebatable” subjects, tips with no applications, analysis and over analysis of unimportant characters and principles, answers to questions you never thought someone would have the craziness to imagine, etc.

I vow to be the Tingle to your quest, the shorts enthusiast to your road to championship, the status inducing spell to your black magic portfolio, the laser power-up to your pew-pew fest, the optional character to your already over-leveled main squad, the frustrating obligatory mini-game to your otherwise coherent interactive story, the spoony bard to your world salvation, the awkward vehicle section to your otherwise perfect FPS, the Big the Cat to your ar… no, not that irrelevant…

MTG_Intro_1Don’t answer that…

What I want in the end is for you to feel happy, but not because you gained something. Imagine yourself walking down the street with a new pair of shoes, but then, step on a gum. Your frustration takes over and you immediately find a spot to sit down and try to remove it, concerned that it might have ruined your shoes. Looking under the sole, you realize it’s only a sticky price tag. What a relief, right? THAT is the feeling I’m going for.

In short, I’m trying to put trivia back into trivial, and it all starts, right here, on 1 More Castle. Yes, this intro was short. Consider this your final warning. See you in two weeks!