Quake Live To Hit Steam Soon

Quake Live, the free-to-play shooter based on Quake 3 Arena, will be on Steam soon.

Though it hit web browsers four years ago, Quake Live will soon be making its way to Steam. Announced at Quakecon, the Steam version will support access to the Quake Live premium service, as well as allow players to port their Quake Live accounts over to their Steam Account.

Bethesda also revealed they plan on bringing some big gameplay changes for the first time in the game’s history, though they haven’t mentioned specifics. “We want to ensure that FPS fans who check out the game on Steam have more fun in their first match than the current gameplay systems allow,” wrote programmer Mike Rubits. “We’re not talking too much about specific changes yet, especially since the changes need to be taken as one whole package in order to be effective, but we will be iterating internally over the next few weeks to see what works.”

While a release date hasn’t been set, keep your eyes on Steam, it could be on there any day now.