Now You’re Playing With Power – An Intro

As any gamer kid of the 80’s and 90’s can probably tell you, Nintendo Power was the video game bible that we all lived by.

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Each month, we would wait patiently for the issue to arrive so we could devour each page, each screenshot and each pro tip to either increase our playing power on our favorite Nintendo game or give us some new game to dream over until either our birthday or Christmas.  I was lucky enough that my parents provided me with that Nintendo Power subscription for many years which fueled my childhood obsession with video games but that also has resulted in a box in my basement filled with old issues of the magazine.  Over the years I’ve searched online for scans of the magazine but have never been able to find anywhere that didn’t look like it would install gigabytes worth of spyware and adware on my computer then one day it hit me…”Why don’t I just put the magazine out for everyone to experience and enjoy?”.  With that I’d like to introduce ‘Playing With Power’.  In this series, i will be posting scans of issues of Nintendo Power magazine as well as other Nintendo newsletters, strategy guides and players guides that Nintendo released along with the magazine.  My hope is that whether this is your first time ever reading the magazine or if you remember reading it as a kid (or as an adult for our elder statesmen), you will enjoy seeing the history of Nintendo through the magazine that brought joy to so many kids of the 80’s and 90’s.

I’d like to thank the 1morecastle staff for agreeing to host this series.  I originally started this out on a free WordPress blog but wanted to share these with a community that would truly enjoy them and this is the exact community I was looking for.  That box in my basement has over 100 issues of Nintendo Power, as well as issues of the Nintendo Fun Club News (the predecessor to Nintendo Power) so I will be starting with those to show where the genesis of the magazine came from.  As you read through the magazine with everyone, please share any thoughts, memories or information you have about the magazine or games in the magazine.  I look forward to hearing and sharing with the 1morecastle community.

Play with power!