Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire Prototype Found

A prototype has been found of everyone’s favourite game staring Dash Rendar.

While most prototypes that are found feature substantial difference from the final product, this prototype appears to only pre-date the finished product by two days. While there aren’t substantial gameplay or graphic changes, a number of cheat codes are different. For instance, entering “_Wampa_Stompa” in the final version would unlock a debug mode which allowed you to mess around with various aspects of the game. In this beta version, that code is instead “_ej_is_a_Wampa” which, most likely, refers to game programmer Eric Johnston.

The prototype itself.

The prototype itself.

While various other codes have changed, as well as some of the HEX code, people are still pouring over the ROM looking for differences.

While we wont post it here, head over to Micro-64 if you want to take a look.