Dear Nintendo

We need to talk.

I did it. I gave in, and I got a Wii U. Maybe it was the Smash Bros. hype, or maybe it was the fact I wanted to play Windwaker again. Either way, I got a Wii U.

Great! Fanastic. I’ve picked up Mario Kart 8, and I’ve even managed to get a copy of the Metroid Prime Trilogy to play through (thank you backwards compatibility). But Nintendo, where are the Virtual Console games?

Yes, you’ve got some NES, SNES, and GBA games. But…why these games? There’s obvious inclusions such as Zelda, F-Zero, and Mega Man. Admittedly, these are all fine and deserve to be there. But, Vegas Stakes? Three golf games?

Even worse, you’re planning on releasing Street Fighter 2010, the oh so-not Street Fighter spin-off? Couldn’t we get, say…Super Mario RPG? Chrono Trigger? Bomberman?

There are those of you who will say that Bomberman is available on the Wii Virtual Console, but I want it on my Wii U. And the whole idea that the Wii Virtual Console exists outside of the the Wii U is ridiculous. There needs to be one unified virtual console, and it’s entirely technically feasible as these games are being emulated. But that’s for another article.

Where are my N64 games? You keep saying they’ll come eventually, but you have yet to release one. I would love to play a four-player match of Gauntlet Legends or Goldeneye when my friends are over. Hell, I would love to have a four-player game of any type available via the Virtual Console. Hell, throw some Gamecube games up there, and I would buy them in a heartbeat.

If people programming emulators in their basements can bring these games to my computer, surely you can bring these games to my Wii U. You have the resources and talent, and I want to give you money for them. I truly do. But the more time these games spend being unavailable to me, the more likely I am to emulate them. And once I emulate and play them, I probably wont want to play them again for a long while.

It’s not hard, just let me buy your games.