Playing With Power – Nintendo Fun Club News #3

For my first few post, I will be taking a look at the issues of the Nintendo Fun Club News that I have.  This was the precursor to Nintendo Power, a free newsletter that you could sign up for to get info, tips and tricks (and a lot of ads) about NES titles.  it was much shorter than what the magazine would become later and used minimal colors in this early issue but you can see some early views of what Nintendo Power would become.  I don’t have issues 1 and 2, so I’m starting with issue 3 which features The Legend of Zelda.


So that is issue 3 of the Nintendo Fun Club News. I hope you enjoyed looking at the early genesis of what would become the top video game magazine for many years.  I’m excited to share more issues with everyone.  Share any memories, comments or thoughts in the comments below!

Now your playing with power!