Retro News Roundup

Retro News Round-Up – December 2014

This month’s episode includes Smash Bros on a calculator, the return of Majora’s Mask, and a way to get your NES games in HD.


This episode’s links:

Atari: Game Over documentary on Xbox Video:

Buried Atari cartridges on eBay:

Sega Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works book:

Kickstarter for a CD of Commodore 64 music remade with modern audio technology:

Final Fantasy seven has now been made in Little Big Planet:

A component cable for the SNES and Mega Drive:

Kickstarter for the hdmyboy:

Pre-order the Retron 5 in the UK:

Kit to output your NES in HD:

Custom wood based Neo Geo MVS:

Donkey Kong Junior for the Commodore 64:

A version of F-Zero for the PC Engine, called HuZero:

Buy a physical copy of the unreleased SNES spiritual successor to Turrican, Targa:

A demake of Super Smash Bros on TI-83/84 calculators:

Pre-order Slave on the Dreamcast:

Kickstarter for an NES platformer called Lizard:

Fan translation for Picross 2 on the Game Boy,

Fan translation for Psy-O-Blade on the Mega Drive:,18846.0.html

Fan translation for Mezase! Top Pro: Green ni Kakeru Yume on the NES:

Fan translation for Langrange Point on the NES: