Chip’s Challenge 2 Launching on Steam

Chip’s Challenge 2, the never-published sequel to the original 1989 tile-based puzzle game, is hitting Steam today.

Along with Chip’s Challenge 1, both games will be hitting Steam with what looks like updated graphics. Having been stuck in legal limbo for well over a decade, the finally-released Chips Challenge 2 will feature a level editor as DLC (neat), achievements, Steam trading cards, and over 200 new puzzles. There is also the ability to play as new character Melinda (Chip is still there as well).

As you’ve gathered from our podcast, some of us here at 1MoreCastle are quite the fans of Chip’s Challenge, and it will be nice to see how the game fares after all these years. More-so, I’m personally excited to get my hands on the sequel.

In the official words of the game, “Can you help Chip win the cold heart of his one true love and become an official Bit Buster? If you can’t, no one can!”