Retro News Roundup

Retro News Round Up – May 2015

This month’s episode includes one of the strangest iPhone accessories ever, Snatcher on the Virtual Boy, and the UK General Election (kind of).


This episode’s links:

The Bitmap Brothers: Universe Kickstarter:

The Atari 2600 Encyclopedia Volume One:

Buy the Joey-Squinson:

The TCPoke project:

Flash cartridge has been created for the Amstrad CPC64 Plus, GX4000, and 6128 Plus:

Video of the HDMI adapter add-on for the Dreamcast in action:

Little Dragon 2 for the ZX Spectrum:

A load of Atari ST ports for the Atari Jaguar:

Snatcher on the Virtual Boy:

ROM of Sound Factory for the SNES:

ROM of Sonic Xtreme on the Saturn:

ROM of Game Boy Advance shooter Dune: Orni-thopter Assault:

Fan translation for Wizardry 2 – Llylgamyn no Isan on the NES:

Fan translation for Yo! Noid on the NES:

Fan translation for Survival Kids 2: Dasshutsu! Futago Shima on the Game Boy Colour:

Fan translation for Dragon Force 2 on the Saturn: