1 More Comrade – Extended Edition

Hello folks!

Remember April’s Fool 2015? The whole site turned into a communist wonderland. I don’t know if you guys enjoyed it, but Chris Swartz, Alex Weiss and I sure did. If you recall, we had recorded a spoof, per se, of the famed 1 More Castle podcast. To be honest, we didn’t really have the chance to do much conversation before the recording and jumped right into it. If you’re like our audio engineer and part time wizard Eric Hunter, you may have noticed we seemed a lot more comfortable with each other after the music break than beforehand.

Some might tell you the effect of my liquor kicked in, but the truth is we ended up having a crazy lengthy discussion about this and that (including gaming). We figured it might be cool to let you all hear it. Keep in mind there’s no real structure and the audio quality wasn’t tweaked as much. Also, give us some feedback on our dynamic. Ever since that recording, we’ve been wondering if we should start our own podcast. Think of this as some kind of pilot.

So, without further ado, if you pledge more than 5$ on our Patreon… I’m kidding. It’s right here:

Happy Listening!