1 More Castle is Closing

1 More Castle began as an idea to create a place for quality retro gaming content. We wanted to build a community of great people who loved gaming and its roots. We feel as though, thanks to all the contributors, readers, and commenters, that we did it.

For three great years, we’ve enjoyed the reviews, the podcasts, the retrospectives, the satire, and the heartfelt love letters to games that the community has produced. We’ve seen many new contributors join, but also have had to say goodbye to some.

1 More Castle and the two Review a (Great/Bad) Game Day events are a labour of love, and no small feat to keep running. Both Eric Bailey and I cannot sustain the time investment required to keep the site running smoothly, so we’ve come to the mutual decision to close the site.

The last post will go up on July 31st, 2015.
The last Podcastle will be recorded on July 23rd; we recommend you tune in at 8:30 EST.
Review a Bad Game Day and Review a Great Game Day will no longer occur.
We had announced a charity stream benefiting AbleGamers, but we will not be able to continue with that. We do recommend you still donate, if you have the means. They’re doing important work to make games more accessible to those who may need it the most.

After July, the site will remain as-is. We will not be rolling into another site, we will not be redirecting the domain, we will not be injecting ad keywords into old posts. We’re going to leave the site, untouched. I’ve removed the Google ads from the site as well.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at thenintendolegend@gmail.com or andrew@1morecastle.com.