Game Overkill

Game Overkill – Shining Force

Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention for the Sega Genesis was the first turn-based tactics RPG I ever played. I didn’t know that at the time, and frankly, if you had asked me when I was 12, just before I played it at a friend’s house as a rental, I probably would’ve told you I’d never like a game from such a genre. Thankfully, my friend and I went in blind and it became one of my favourite games of all time.

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Playing With Power

Playing With Power – Nintendo Power #5

Issue 5 released with the first format change for the magazine.  Going back to the Nintendo Fun Club News, the reader mail was always found toward the end of the magazine but this issue it was finally moved to the front where it would remain for the run of the magazine.

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The Retro Critic



The following game’s violent, ultra-violent even, so you might want to look away at certain points of this review.

Forget the new GTA games, NARC is where it’s at.

Released for the Arcade in 1988, here was a game with an anti-drugs message but also sadistic tendencies. You remember those crazy, way too violent games Bart Simpson played in old Simpsons episodes? NARC was kind of like that.

Those more perceptive of you might recall seeing the game briefly in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

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Raising a Gamer


In this series, I have mentioned the importance of choosing appropriate games for your kids to enjoy. It’s my opinion that the bulk of the anti-video game debacle of the early Nineties could have been avoided if parents just paid a bit more attention to what their kids were doing..but I digress. Every parent should do his or her own due diligence to ensure that their children are playing games that are appropriate for their age. That applies to the game’s content as well as game play mechanics. Read More

My Two Gils

Topical Journal?

Hey folks… Hum… I’m a little embarrassed this week. I’ve been quite tired this week with work, leisure and trying to teach contemporary dance to my cats for a quick youtube cash grab. I’m sure many of you feel the same. This dang winter tries its hardest to bring us down. Snowstorms, polar vortex… it’s like we’re back in 12000 B.C.

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Pixel Gallery

The Land Before Time: Great Valley Racing Adventure

Retro Platforms: PlayStation

Platform Reviewed: PlayStation

Games based on film franchises tend to have an average quality at best, but sometimes a pleasant surprise arrives in the form of racing dinosaurs. Even with source material like The Land Before Time, there’s always the potential for a group of game designers and programmers to think of ideal ways to convert cinematic source material into fun and interactive forms of entertainment. The film series, if you’re unfamiliar with it, was first introduced with directing by famous animator Don Bluth, and the first entry received over twelve additional sequels. Early entries in the franchise explored some serious themes like famine, family loss, interspecies hostility, and friendship amongst other topics; however, there are plenty of generally upbeat moments in this series too, and today’s game review focuses on fast-paced racing! So… how does this work?

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N64 Connoisseur

Remastered Review: N64 Review #2- Star Fox 64

Continuing down the path to reunite my first 8 Nintendo 64 reviews with the rest of the team, we travel all the way back to April 7, 2013. That was the day before Review a Great Game Day that year and so I chose what I believe to be a great game. As it would turn out, “Remastered Review” is pretty accurate. Back then, my website was configured for a differently formatted review. It was the kind where every piece of the review was broken into sections like sound, visuals, etc. It also used that data to compile a score. I learned two things as I kept on writing. First, I hate review scores. Second, my writing style is terrible for such a structured review. That dictates that I have to do quite a bit of touching up to these to fix them without changing the original review too much but they look a lot better now. Anyhow, I present the review of one of the greatest games not just on the N64, but of all time, Star Fox 64. Read More

1 More Countdown

Top 10 Fictional Sports in Video Games

Video games are some of the most creative forms of media out there. They’re so creative that sometimes they create their sports. Today I’m counting down the top 10 fictional sports from video games. These are sports that don’t exist in the real world, but instead on our consoles.

For this list I’m only focusing on sports! This list does not include vehicular games or game shows! Also this list was suggested by Chris Swartz for super duper fan appreciation month… or two months… or whatever.

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The Gamer Chronicles

The Gamer Chronicles Ep:28 Resident Evil 1.5

WOW guys! Just wow! I am super excited about this review! Yes the game is unfinished yes it has bugs but man! RESIDENT EVIL 1.5 the unfinished RE2! This game has never had an official release but thanks to the internet it is available to play! Check out the review to see what I am  all excited about!

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The Retro Critic

My Hero

Do not let the crappy-looking start-up screen or the cutesy title above fool you, My Hero is not for the faint of heart.

Released for the arcade back in 1985, the game followed a dude whose girlfriend is randomly kidnapped by a street thug going after the latter in an epic beat ’em up journey which involved ninjas and ape men.

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Raising a Gamer

Pokémon Snap

The recipe for a successful Pokémon game has typically been pretty simple: 1 cup Capture, 1 cup Battle, mix until fluffy…Don’t get me wrong, I have always enjoyed the tried and true formula, but sometimes you just want to sit back and relax. The world needs more Pokémon games that focus less on the fighting and more on the way Pokémon interact with each other and the interesting world in which they live. There just so happens to be a Pokémon game for the N64 takes such an approach. Who hasn’t wanted to take a selfie with a Snorlax? Or alliterate with a Arcanine? Pokémon Snap offers an alternative Pokémon experience that is refreshing and will be sure to put a smile on your face. This game can be appreciated on a whole new level when you have the opportunity to share it with your little one. Read More

My Two Gils

Mario and Peach’s Forbidden love

If you’re expecting a topical story to celebrate the romantic Holiday that is Valentine’s Day, prepare to be disappointed. I rarely look forward to these mid-February mating calls. Now I know some of your are asking: “Why don’t you enjoy Valentine’s Day? I’m surprised since you seem to be living a great relationship with your life partner who comes back to a loving condominium at around 5H30 PM every day, 8PM on Thursdays, after her work day.” Hum… yes, you are right. I consider myself lucky and blessed by this almost 10-year relationship… Also, please respect the restraining order as per court demands. Thank you.

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In Memory of Joystiq

Operating for 29170 posts across ten and a half years, Joystiq has been a force in the games industry. A few of us at 1 More Castle wanted to press “x”, and some other keys, to pay our respects to one of the greats of game publishing.

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GMZ #2-7 – Dictionaries, Gay Marriages, and Death Threats. (Surprisingly, not all at the same time.)

Dictionary the Hedgehog

By Julian Barnes

The Oxford English Dictionary announced it has added Sonic the Hedgehog to its world renowned pages. A sample of reactions from gamers on social media taken immediately after the announcement showed most were pleased by the announcement as it is more evidence of the mainstream acceptance of video games. As for the definition itself, most were impressed by its accuracy and subtlety. You can find the definition, along with its accompanying image, below:
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