GMZ #7 – Donatello, DiCaprio, BigJoe is Great, and Poetry

Donatello’s New Horizon

By Dave Shar

Donatello, noted member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and founder of technology company Splintered Connections, has announced his leaving the group and the creation of “Half-Shelled: A Look at Games from the Inside-Out,” a series analyzing the game industry, game design, and the stories of different game developers.

“I figured it was time for a change,” Donatello said in an interview with Wired Magazine, “The TMNT were great to me, but I outlasted my prime, and with the tech company doing well enough to sustain me, I decided to leave the group and follow some other ideas I’ve had on my mind for a while.”

When asked if there was any negative feelings over him leaving, he responded happily. “No not at all: Galileo and Leonardo were very understanding. I mean, we were all a little bit bummed, but after Raph’s death a few years back, and having to forcibly remove Mikey from the group, I think they understood my reasons.”
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It Came From Japan

It Came From Japan: JaJaMaru-kun

Happy New Year everyone! This is the first It Came From Japan post of the year, and I think I have some really cool stuff in store for you! I don’t think I’ve shared this on here but I am a HUGE fan of Game Center CX. So much so that as soon as a game was announced for the Nintendo DS I knew I had to have it. The game known as Retro Game Challenge was a collection of game challenges for retro inspired games. One of the game series you get to challenge is called Robot Ninja Haggleman. As per usual the princess is kidnapped and it’s up to you to save her. Haggleman had the ability to pick up scrolls, and ninja stars to attack the enemies, but you were also able to slam doors on them to attack.

My post today isn’t about Haggleman, but it’s about the game that inspired it, Jaleco’s JaJaMaru-kun.
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RetroHate: Mega Spike Man

Welcome Retro Ladies and Classic Gents to another RetroHate! Where I take a retro game or concept/element and throw it under the Magic School Bus, thereby ruining all your childhood memories.

Today’s topic of dissection: The Bomber in Blue aka Mega Man or “Mega” as he’s known to his friends. Now I’m not going to take apart Mega Man as a whole or any one particular game, rather I want to focus on a rather peculiar aspect of Mega and his games; namely his intense aversion to spikes. Anyone who’s played a Mega Man game knows of this horrible and deadly allergy and has likely fallen victim to it more times than they’d care to admit. But here’s the thing, this “allergy” shouldn’t exist at all. At least, if we are to make some obvious assumptions about Mega Man.
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The Retro Critic

Teddy Boy

Time to go back to something a little less story-based, a little more basic, I think.

Ever heard of Teddy Boy?

Also known as Teddy Boy Blues, the game was born in the Arcade and, weirdly, the title refers to a Japanese pop song from the 80’s by Yohko Ishino. And what better way to honour that song than by making a game in which you’re a little boy shooting a gun at random creatures?

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Top 10 Questions Raised by the Super 3D Noah’s Ark Press Release

A little backstory:

Super 3D Noah’s Ark was the only unlicensed video game cartridge ever released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) during its supported life cycle. Ark was created by Wisdom Tree, an unlicensed developer; or, perhaps a little more accurately, the prior unlicensed developer Color Dreams, as re-branded to make Bible-themed carts in order to avoid litigation from Nintendo, thinking big N would fear a public backlash if they went after a family-friendly company.

The tactic worked, for the most part, and many infamous Jesus games were made, some of which were simply reskins of prior Color Dreams titles. For example, Crystal Mines became Exodus, with its plot shifting from having to do with a remote-controlled robot to the Hebrew prophet Moses blasting apart rocks and heathens alike with the Word of God.

Now, 20 years later, an original Wisdom Tree staff member is spearheading a re-release. This means that people can, for $60 plus $7 shipping & handling, order an all-new copy of the box, instruction manual, and cartridge.

How do I know this? Because, as a Nintendo blogger guy, I once reached out to this particular Wisdom Tree staffer (who still runs for an interview. She declined politely, but apparently kept me on a select list of recipients for this particular press release, about the return of Super 3D Noah’s Ark.

Which, for me, raises some questions.
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N64 Connoisseur

Happy Quinceanera!

Happy New Year! My how time flies when you are having fun. Now, some of you will be wondering why this is not part 2 of my Link to the Past review I promised. Well, because reasons, that’s why. Here are the cliff notes: I took Christmas off. We had site troubles here at 1MC so it looked like I was going to have to skip another regular post. Well, we got the all clear a couple of hours ago which is not enough time before my deadline to write the massive conclusion that Link to the Past deserves. So, I simply flipped my next planned N64 Connoisseur piece into its place. Now with that out of the way, time for some grade A connoisseuring. The idea for this piece is stolen borrowed repurposed from a series that Patrick Scott Patterson has been doing over at Examiner where he has recapped games that turn 20 and 30 this year, respectively. Well, the N64 doesn’t have that kind of longevity yet, but we do have 15. So this piece is a salute to some N64 classics having their quinceanera this year. Read More

The Retro Critic


I don’t know what Disney games are like now but Disney games were awesome back in the day.

Like, actually awesome.

Aladdin, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, all those cool Mickey games…

Good times.

The animation in those games was usually spot-on and the games themselves were colourful, often detailed, well put together and generally loads of fun.

Pinocchio on the SNES was no exception.

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1 More Countdown

Top 10 Babies in Video Games

Usually when I begin a list I have some sort of reasoning as to why I decided to write a particular list, this time I don’t have that. No one I know is pregnant, and even though I’m late, I don’t think I have a bun in my oven either. My only guess is that it’s a New Year, and the symbol of the New Year is a baby, but even that is a stretch. Nevertheless, I just decided to count down the top 10 babies in video games.


I really have nothing else, or no other reasons so let’s deliver this list already.

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1 More Countdown

Top 10 Christmas Themed Video Games

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and I am excited. Not only am I going to MAGFest in just a week or so, but also it’s Christmas! I love everything about Christmas from the music, to the specials, to the snow. So while all other list writers are counting down their favorite games of the year, I decided to count down my top 10 Christmas-Themed games.

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Storming The Castle

Shroud of the Avatar: The “Ultimate” Ultima, Pre-Alpha Impressions

Come one come all! To the world of Ultima! That’s right: Ultima. One of the greatest, if not the greatest RPG series of all time. Created by none other than space faring, gold jewellery wearing, eccentric superman “Lord British” himself. Or as he’s called in real life: “Richard Garriott.” For God sake! This man went to S-P-A-C-E! AND he designs video games! How awesome is that? After all, in Ultima II: The Revenge of the Enchantress, your entire goal was to eventually blast into space at the end of the game. Talk about foreshadowing…

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