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Retro Platforms: Atari 2600

Platform Reviewed: Atari 2600

Perhaps one of the less remembered fables is the classic Three Little Pigs, a story that has the apparent moral of being prepared for the deadliest of situations. The plot is simple: three sibling pigs are sent out into the wild in order to amass riches, with their first steps naturally being to construct homes for shelter. One pig builds his house out of straw, another one creates his home out of sticks, and only the third pig is logical enough to make his shelter out of bricks. As a result of this, the first two pigs tragically have their homes blown down by a wolf before being eaten; the third pig doesn’t suffer this fate, and instead manages to trap and eat the wolf! Oink! tells the tale somewhat differently and attempts to make the story interactive, but is its gameplay entertaining? And how elaborate can the game’s presentation be on a simple system like the Atari 2600?
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On Her Majesty’s Sega Mega Drive

Donald in Maui Mallard Review

The weather, as you all might know, is notoriously bad here in the UK. Sleet in Sheffield, rain in Renfrewshire, lightning in Londonderry, and hail in Holyhead – all very underwhelming. So, you could understand my excitement when I was offered the chance to gad around Maui with one of my favourite cartoon characters of all time; Donald Duck. After all, I was dying for some sun, and to spend some time with my favourite TV mallard without a spiky-haired adolescent and a talking dog in tow sounded like a dream come true. It is with this sunny disposition that I entered Donald in Maui Mallard.

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Top Shelf

Adventure Island

Looking for some fun in the sun, some skateboarding action, a lot of fruit, and maybe an evil witch doctor or two?

This week I let Twitter vote on which game I’d review and the overwhelming result was Adventure Island. No one told me it was so hard though.

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N64 Connoisseur

Remastered Review: N64 Review #8- Harvest Moon 64

We did it! High fives, everybody! You over there. Get over here and slap me five. YEAH! As of this very instant, all of the N64 reviews have been united here at 1 More Castle. The quest has been completed. When next we meet, we shall be moving ever closer to the end goal of reviewing all 296 North American Nintendo 64 games. By my calculations, let’s see… carry the two… I should be done in like five years. Before we get there, however, I take you back to January 1, 2014– wait, really? I thought posting a review on New Year’s Day was a GOOD idea? Well, that was dumb. Anyhow, here is my review of Harvest Moon 64. Read More


GMZ #2-11- Baseball, Metroid Adoption, and Oro Busted

Bandai Namco to Resurrect Old IP

By Zeke Revenant

Bandai Namco Games have announced that they will be resurrecting an old Namco IP, but with a twist. R.B.I. Baseball is fondly remembered by many retro gamers for some inexplicable reason, but Major League Baseball now makes terrible sequels for you to play in your browser. Meanwhile, cramming zombies into every game seems to be what everyone else is doing, so they decided to combine zombies and nostalgia to create something they are calling R.I.P. Baseball. From what we were shown, think Mutant League Hockey or Football, but with baseball and zombies and other monsters instead of mutants.
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On Her Majesty’s Sega Mega Drive

Jimmy White’s Whirlwind Snooker

Normally, North America gets near enough all the good game releases they want, leaving us Brits staring over the pond sullenly, like someone’s just disposed of all our tea into a large body of water. Yet, there have been a few times, rare as they are, where we have gotten a stroke of good fortune – the games come over to Europe and the UK only. With the popularity of the Sega Mega Drive in Europe (this isn’t hyperbole; Sonic is far more beloved than Mario here, and the Mega Drive didn’t even leave the market until 1998!) it makes sense that we (rightfully) got our hands on a few exclusives. This series, then, is all about those games; the ones that never saw the light of day across the Atlantic. You’ll only find them on one place, though. Where? On Her Majesty’s Sega Mega Drive.
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It’s Thinking: 9/9/99

The Sega Dreamcast may be the best console you’ve never played.

No, seriously.

And most gamers didn’t play it at the time because they were waiting for something better to come along (Playstation 2) and also because nobody liked Sega.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. Sega had fans, but it’s image amongst consumers and those in the industry had left many people with a sour taste in their mouths thanks to failed, public experiments, codenamed “32 X”, “CD” and “Saturn”.

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Top Shelf

A Look at Console Controllers

Console controllers and gamepads can make or break a system for me. This week I took a look at all the console controllers that have been part of my life and did a mini-review of each.

Here’s part 1 of the review, which looks at controllers from the NES to the Gamecube. Which is your favourite?

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Retro Power

Retro Power: Issue 6

Welcome to Issue 6 of your friendly local Retro Power! At my castle, allergens are everywhere… which makes for a perfect excuse to stay inside & play games & talk about games & game game games! Why be allergic to things when you could be gaming instead? I hope you’re all in fine health… but also having excuses to play games.
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Raising a Gamer

Jurassic Park Operation Genesis

With a little patience and luck you can come across some pretty fun stuff in the retro-gaming sphere. Recently I was able to scoop up an original Xbox with all the hookups, a controller, and a case of games for $5 not bad right? The console needs some love but it does work. Mae and I fired it up and tried a few of the games that we had at our disposal. The games included were The Sims Bustin’ Out and about 30 Xbox Magazine Demo discs. The Demo Disc is a lost art for sure, these discs were expertly crafted using fun interactive menus and had a large variety of content to explore. It would have been an interesting job to be the person in charge of curating the content to be included in each month’s demo disc. I really enjoyed playing the various demos with Mae because it instantly dropped us into the action. This immediate access let us try a few different games in rapid succession. Read More

My Two Gils

The Waiting Game

Oh… you’re still here? Wow… I didn’t think I had any readers left. Oh well, maybe this week will do it. Might as well make the most of it.
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