What The EFF is on this Disk!?

‘Basicga Mez’ (PC)

Circa 1988-1989, my nine year old self was so cool. I mean look, I was using a Z in place of an S. I was also labeling disks with a red crayon and drawing lines with squiggly arrows to connect text since I ran out of room. Seriously, go back and look at that title picture.. If you can make it out it reads

Basicga >>> Mez


Basic Gamez

Can I get a pass on this since I was nine? Anyway.. Time for another round of data archaeology (now with spiffy logo!) I can’t really explain the existence of this disk. Since I labeled it I’m going to assume I copied it from another disk at some point. I was still dabbling in BASIC games pretty heavily in 1989 even though the family desktop was a 386 33MHz Intel PC with a big TURBO button. It was a little while before I discovered that Simcity ran really well. With the FC5025 USB > 5.25″ Floppy Drive controller collecting dust in my i5 equipped desktop, I gave this old floppy a whirl. This disk gave me some trouble. I guess they don’t like being stored in a basement for 20 years. Oops. I finally got ‘half’ an image, but with some internet help I figured out what all these programs were. Thank God there’s actually some games here. Here’s a few highlights of what the eff is on this disk!

I wish 'Filez' worked.

I wish ‘Filez’ worked.

LUNAR.BAS – This is actually a really decent and simple ‘land the dot spaceship’ game. Simple graphics, quick game play. Surprised there isn’t a tablet game based on this.

Wish I had a parachute.

Wish I had a parachute.

XWING.BAS – Of COURSE I had to try this. I remember this when I was a kid. It’s pretty good for an early 80s PC game. Destroy Tie Fighters with the F1 key, and blow up the Death Star via F2.

I don't remember purple Tie Fighters..

I don’t remember purple Tie Fighters..

FIREFIRE.BAS – A game I’ve seen before on Atari/Intellivision named AstroSmash. Shoot the falling Yen as they drop down from the sky. You can set your own difficulty level.

Insert Japanese Economy joke here ___

Insert Japanese Economy joke here ___

SIREN.BAS – A demo of various siren sounds played through the PC speaker.

**Listing of program as screenshot**

**Listing of program as screenshot**

CODEBRAK.BAS – A ‘crack the code’ game where you must guess the number using logic and positioning.

I can cross "CodeBreaker" off my list of would-be jobs.

I can cross “CodeBreaker” off my list of would-be jobs.

CANNON.BAS – Cannoneer. A text game where you must input the proper elevation of the cannon in order to destroy your opponents.

Where's the 'Nuke em from orbit' option?

Where’s the ‘Nuke em from orbit’ option?

CIAGAME.BAS – A text based adventure game where you must rescue a ruby that is part of a government weapon. Gasp!

Lassssssser? :Pinky to lips:

Lassssssser? :Pinky to lips:

BUCKY.BAS – University of Wisconsin fans, here’s your mascot.

Bucky.. O'Hare?

Bucky.. O’Hare?

STRTRK.BAS – While I have a suspsicion this is a Star Trek game, I couldn’t get it to run as the disk didn’t create a clean image. Bummer.


I actually did pretty good with this disk. By ‘pretty’, I mean I found something interesting. The video above shows a few highlights of some games I mentioned. Like usual, some of these files just wouldn’t read since I had trouble with the disk, but some internet hunting and matching file sizes did bring me to the programs. Once again, I managed to rescue a disk from my childhood for reasons unknown. Actually, Lunar is really addictive. I’d almost be tempted to make a DOSBox .bat file to automatically run this from inside Windows 7, jumping right into GWBasic. Am I crazy? Hmm. Be back in a few weeks with another disk to dust off. For now, I’m thirsty.