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Top 10 Politicians in Video Games

As I’m sure you’re all aware, last Friday was Independence Day or as the Internet has dubbed it, ‘Muricah Day! Many other list writers are celebrating by counting down the most Patriotic games, best video game fireworks, or most ‘Murican video game character (#1 is always Guile). However, I decided to use this holiday to honor those who really deserve it… politicians.

For this list we’re going to exclude kings, queens, emperors, etc… because they only exist in fantasy worlds like Hyrule, Middle Earth, and England. Instead we’re focusing on mayors, governors, senators, and of course Presidents. In addition, we’re only going to focus on fictitious retro politicians so that means no modern games, and no real politicians in games. Sorry Bad Dudes President Ronnie, Fight Club Abraham Lincoln, or NBA Jam Bill Clinton!

Without further ado, let’s begin!


10.) President Dick Richardson

Isn’t Dick a nickname for Richard? So he’s actually Richard Richardson?

Nevertheless, you may remember ole Dickey here as the President of the Enclave and you might remember finding him on the Enclave Oil Rig.

True to his name, Dick Richardson is kind of a dick. As President he used his power to try and create a mutant-free America, by any means necessary. Unfortunately, that basically means using biological weapons to wipe out all imperfections and almost all life. If you can’t already tell Dick is the antagonist. While it’s your job as The Chosen One to kill the president and save the world.


9.) Governor Griffon

I just realized that unintentionally but coincidentally that almost all politicians on this list are antagonists or just corrupt. I’m guessing game designers are just anti-government anarchists. That makes sense to me.

Governor Griffon of Red Dead Revolver (not Red Dead Redemption) is no exception. He’s a greedy man who managed to rise to power through backstabbing and corruption, but that’s not all. One man he backstabbed was Nate Harlow… his former partner and father of protagonist Red Harlow.

This set the events of Red Dead Revolver in motion, as Red is on a mission of vengeance.


8.) The President in Apocalypse (PS1)

Apocalypse is basically Bruce Willis the game. You play as a one-liner shouting Bruce Willis on a quest the stop the Apocalypse or something like that. I don’t know, the plot really doesn’t matter.

It was a decent game and the most Bruce Willisness game ever created.

Unfortunately, no one really talks about it. I couldn’t even find a picture to use for this entry so I had to screencap a Let’s Play.

Being a game about the Apocalypse, the last boss battle is against the devil himself. The devil is in disguise as a human though. Not just any human, the President of the United States of America! The Devil is the President… That’s so damn metal!!! WHOOOO!!!!


7.) President Huffman

Is they’re not corrupt, they’re just incompetent. President Huffman is the successor to Nixon in the game Destroy All Humans! In this game an alien named Crypto wants to destroy all humans… duh!

President Huffman should protect the citizens of the United States but is instead a sadistic man who is easily killed by Crypto.

That’s not all! When Huffman is killed his brain is taken and put a giant mech named Robo-Prez, the ultimate weapon against Crypto. Which is killed off fairly quickly too. Even when the leader of our country is a giant mech, he still can’t save the day. Luckily I voted for Kodos.


6.) Senator

I never thought, I’d talk about this character twice, but here he is again. If you don’t remember, Senator is an unlockable character from Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side.

Senator was a secret character and spoof of politicians in the 1990s who were gung-ho against video games and video game violence. However, he’s also a corrupt politician. His fighting style is dishonesty and he attacks with literal red tape and sharp campaign badges.

He’s a great spoof character with an amazing stage, just a horrible person.


5.) Alex Shrub

The entire Grand Theft Auto series has some ‘interesting’ politicians. The one I remember the most is Florida State Congressman Alex Shrub from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

First off let’s just get this outta the way. While it can’t be confirmed many believe this politician is based of one of the three Bush’s. Shrub… Bush… get it?

Alex Shrub only cares about money and covering up all the economic turmoil and deaths occurring in Vice City during his term. Shrub crosses path with the protagonist, Tommy Vercetti, after Shrub announces he seeks to ban pornography (so he can sway the votes of the puritan citizens). Vercetti just bought a pornographic film studio, so that ban cannot happen.

Vercetti blackmails Shrub with some incriminating photos, the tamest of which is posted above. The mission is one you must experience yourself, but if you thought your local politician was a wacko, you haven’t seen Shrub.


4.) Solidus Snake

I hate including things from the Metal Gear Solid series on my lists because the series has so much complicated lore that I begin to go crazy. Let’s try not to write an entire page for this entry! Also probable spoilers ahead.

Solidus Snake is one of the three clones of the original Snake aka Naked Snake aka Big Boss. While the other two clones had all of Big Boss’ inferior genes or all his superior genes, Solidus was an exact genetic copy of Big Boss.

He was given the presidency by The Patriots (a secret organization that basically ran the country). Solidus was essentially a puppet for The Patriots and he grew to despise him. After organizing much of the Shadow Moses Incident (Metal Gear Solid 1), he was removed from office by the Patriots, but the general public was told he resigned. He knew he’d be a target so he went into hiding and his hatred of the Patriots grew.

As the second game came along, Solidus aligned himself with more terrorists and conspired to use nuclear armaments in an attempt to destroy The Patriots power, and to find out their true identity.

He wanted freedom… true freedom for everyone! Is that really such a bad thing?

Well probably with him killing civilians, having child soldiers, and attempting to use nukes… it’s kinda a bad thing.


3.) Mike Haggar

Mike Haggar is so damn popular among gamers, that he’s practically become a meme, but is he a great politician? Hell yes!

Let’s be honest, we want politicians who actually do something! That’s why Mike Haggar is so damn amazing. He’s the former wrestler turned mayor of Metro City, a city overrun by the Mad Gear gang. When the gang goes to far and kidnaps Haggar’s daughter, or someone else he holds dear, Haggar doesn’t call the police, he takes actions into his own hands.

Haggar rips off his shirt and uses a lead pipe to beat down every gang member until he reclaims his daughter. This is a mayor of action! He saved Metro City from roaming gangs more times than I can count!

He’s so damn popular he’s appeared in several other games but unfortunately never made it to the Street Fighter series. For shame Capcom.

Also he’s Scottish, and so am I… so that’s a plus.

2.) Elaine Marley

One of the most common recurring character to the Monkey Island franchise has to be Elaine Marley. She’s been in so many games and has done so much, it’ll be tough to keep this entry short.

Elaine made her debut in The Secret of Monkey Island, as a no-nonsense, governor but was reworked as Guybrush’s love interest.

I like to think of Elaine as the anti-Princess Peach. They both get kidnapped often, but while Peach is a damsel in distress, Elaine is the antithesis of that. She can escape the clutches of LeChuck and is a well-rounded character. She’s tough but caring, beautiful but smart, and so damn strong willed that she had to be high on this list.

She’s a person I’d actually want to have as a leader, and that’s more than I can say about most entries on this list, except for……….

1.) President Michael Wilson

I just found out about this game, I haven’t even played it but this is the most patriotic and Ahmurrican thing I have ever seen. It’s a third-person shooter released only for the original XBox and only in Japan.

The game stars President Michael Wilson. He was betrayed by his Vice President, who used military force to take over the country, bring back slavery, and just be a giant jerkwad. Now the President is on a journey to restore the United States and bring back peace… also did I mention the President and Vice President have mechs!? because that’s pretty damn important to the story.

So he has a mech like Huffman, takes matters into his own hands like Haggar, and is a strong leader like Elaine. He has to be number 1!

If you’re still not convinced Michael Wilson should be so high on this list just watch.

Can a US President from a video game only released in Japan, and one that I’ve never played be in the number one spot of this list?