Playing With Power

Playing With Power – Nintendo Fun Club News #5

Ready, Set, Go!  It’s time for issue 5 of the Nintendo Fun Club News which features RC Pro Am.  This issue is pretty much a copy of the previous issue in terms of layout and design.  At this point, Nintendo was humming along in it’s plan to dominate the US video game market but I am surprised they didn’t spend more time promoting more titles though you can only do so much with 30 pages.

On to the magazine!


Issue 5 has crossed the finish line, what did you think?  I really enjoy reading some of these tips for these old games because many of them I have always known but never knew where they came from and some I am learning brand new as I read them.  Back when there was no internet to run to when you got stuck in a game, these kind of tips were gold to gamers but I think some of them have really been lost to time since they you can learn something new from them even today.

Now that I’ve got a few issues up, what does everyone think of the magazine and the posts?  Is there anything you would like to see or anything you don’t want to see anymore?  I’m not much of a writer and want the magazine to speak for itself so you can enjoy it as if you were a kid in the 80’s getting the magazine at home so let me know your thoughts!

Play with power!