Playing With Power

Playing With Power – Nintendo Fun Club News #7

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Now that turkey day is over, it’s time to look at the turkey of the Nintendo Fun Club News: Issue 7.

Issue 7 was the last issue of the newsletter before the launch of Nintendo Power and you can easily see the lower quality of the content of the magazine.  The magazine is 4 pages shorter than all the previous issues and of the 26 pages that does not include the front or back cover, 12 pages are full page ads.  For all those without your TI80 calculator handy, that is almost 1/2 of the magazine wasted on ads.  Then of the pages that have actual content, the information is mostly high level tips that most players could find out on their own.  You can easily see that Nintendo was fully invested in Nintendo Power and just needed to release this magazine to hold over the subscribers.

Let’s see how the Nintendo Fun Club News finished it’s run.


So that is the end of Nintendo Fun Club News.  For the time, it served its purpose of delivering news and information to the growing fans of the NES but with Nintendo-mania reaching hyper levels by this point Nintendo realized they needed more to meet the demands of the fans, it’s just sad to see it go out with such a whimper.

Next time, the premier of what could be argued as the greatest video game magazine of all time!

Play with power!