GMZ #5 – Burgers, Drugs, Sexual Harassment, and Saving America’s Children

BurgerTime Chain Restaurants Forced to Close, Owner Jailed

By Pierre Le Chef

Peter Pepper PrisonPeter Pepper, founder and owner of the BurgerTime restaurant chain has been arrested and his restaurants around the world have been closed  after an INTERPOL investigation revealed the widespread and rampant use of unsanitary practices within the restaurants. Investigators found visible footprints on buns, patties, and even some vegetables in hundreds of restaurants. To make matters worse, hidden cameras witnessed employees using pepper spray on food instead of pepper. No word on whether this will affect Mr Pepper’s ice cream factories.

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Kid Kool: Kaught

By Mary-Jane Watson

Kid KoolFormer sidescroller, Klaus Kooleckson, or “Kid Kool,” has been arrested on 12 counts of distribution of marijuana to minors. Arrested in his New Jersey apartment on November 15th, Kooleckson was immediately taken into custody by DEA. Upon searching Kooleckson’s residence, 120 kilograms of Marijuana was found. Kool pled guilty earlier this week to all counts, but remained almost prideful of his actions. “Listen to me, I didn’t make anyone do anything they didn’t want. The kids asked me to for the seven herbs, so I gave them the seven fuckin’ herbs!”

The “seven herbs” Kool refers to are, of course, 7 strains of weed he offers as a dealer:  Golden Sun Kush, Double-Wet Grandaddy Perp, Shit Hamster, Lavender Dreams, Little River, Lobster Klaw, and Blue Ripples. Kooleckson, having pled guilty, will only receive an 8 year sentence with chance of parole, and 100 hours of community service. Parents of several of the children are considering filing civil suits against Kool, but nothing official has been stated at this time.

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Link Arrested, Charged for Sexually Harassing and Assaulting Peach Toadstool

Link - Panty RaiderHyrule police arrested the perpetually green-tunicked man at his secluded Kokiri Forest mansion. He is accused of making crude sexual remarks, groping, trying to kiss, and “dropping” Miss Toadstool into a river. The incedents occurred over the weekend at a Nintendo corporate conference. These are the first charges of this nature to be levelled against Link, though rumours of inappropriate behaviours, like touching himself while making strange noises (e.g., “huht” and “hyaaa” and “iegcht!”) have circled for years.
The arraignment hearing will likely occur in the next two weeks.

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George White Cash
By George Whitecash of Fox News

Listen here you dough-boy, inhaler-using, four-eyed ingrates, I’ll preface this wonderful piece by telling you frankly, I couldn’t care less for this unintelligent dribble you weaklings call entertainment. Hell, the only reason I’m here on this page is that I’m tired of preaching to the choir, so I’m taking my message to a place where you worthless dorks can see it.

Let me get right down to it: video games are destroying our youth. Ever since the goddamn Nips brought them over as payback for Nagasaki, they have been wearing the resolve of our younger generations and turning them into wimps at best, and warping them into murderers of the innocent at the worst. Video games start childish enough, to lure the helpless sap of a player into trusting video games and lowering their defenses. Then, as the games grow increasingly more violent and debased, the players are twisted around the polygon vixen’s finger. They experience urges like never before. Mario told them to smash on turtles, so they do. Ridge Racer told them to speed, so they do. Thief taught them to steal, so they do. Doom taught them to kill, so they do. Oregon Trail taught them to practice cannibalism, so they do! These are impressionable no-lives who have bent by the industry of interactive and evil entertainment. Columbine, Virginia Tech, Bosnia, video games were involved in all of them! You want to know who else played video games? Hitler! It’s true, the Nazis were the original inventors of video games, which were used as training for the German soldiers. Don’t believe me, see for yourself:

Hitler Video Game

Since then, video games have been a plague on freedom and the American way. The fucking liberals would tell you “it’s all in good fun,” but what do a bunch of homo-loving, welfare-handing leftists know? I’m warning you pudges now, stop playing video games, unless you want to be a daycare-shooting cannibal-rapist. I’m only look out for you, and for America.

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