GMZ: Final Transmission

Hello fans, friends, and family,

It’s Daniel, here. So, as most of you know (hopefully), GMZ has officially ended. Even before the site was announced as closing, Pierre and I had been planning to end the series somewhere around the 2-year mark, anyway (which would have taken place in September). The closing of the site did rush a few things for us, so, we decided that, before it was all over, we were going to get together and discuss some of our personal favorite moments from GMZ, talk about ideas we never got to finish, and just chat about the process of making GMZ and how it has changed since Day 1 to where we are now, 2 years later. So, you will be able to listen to that in the Audio Guide in the post, as well as follow links to the favorite picks we discuss in our conversation.

Also, along with our picks, you will be able to view two unreleased videos, and our list of unused ideas from our original brainstorm sessions when we were still nailing down the GMZ concept. It’s a pretty cool thing for that one fan of ours who cares enough about our work to want to see the Behind-The-Scenes of it.

Lastly, before I finish up here, I want to thank Pierre for putting up with me for over two years of crap. Most people wouldn’t take the chance on a 16 year old kid, especially on a series about retro games, most of which I wasn’t old enough to play, but you did. I attribute that to lack of good judgement on your part, but I appreciate it all the same. GMZ has been some of the most fun I have ever had writing, and it has definitely been the biggest learning experience I’ve had in the field. I will now have unforgettable memories of screwball ideas popping out on accident, missing deadlines because of some crazy fiasco in one of our lives that week, and knowing you were forever the better writer between the two of us, and I was basically just kept around to make you look good. GMZ was a trip.

Here’s to our future in the Rayman Islands,


Audio Guide


Pierre’s Picks

GMZ #3

GMZ #7

GMZ #19

GMZ #2-10

Daniel’s Picks

GMZ #13

GMZ – The Future

GMZ #10

GMZ #12

GMZ #15

Unreleased Content

Original GMZ Document containing Ideas and Drafts

 GMZ On Location: SFGE 2014


GMZ On Location: SGC 2015