Playing With Power

Playing With Power – Nintendo Fun Club News #4

Compared to issue 3, the first thing you will notice about issue 4 of the Nintendo Fun Club News is the expanded color palate and higher gloss pages as Nintendo expanded the quality of the newsletter.

At this point in Nintendo’s history, the company was ramping up their presence in America and console sales were rapidly increasing.  By this point, many games that are now considered NES classics were already on store shelves such as The Legend of Zelda, Castlevania and Kid Icarus with many more big titles releasing in the next 6 months like Mega Man, Wizards and Warriors and the cover feature for this issue, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out.  There seems to be a slight increase in the number of ads in this issue but the focus still remaining on the biggest titles on the system.

On to the magazine!

So that is issue 4 of the Nintendo Fun Club News!  A little closer to what the later magazine would become, this issue established the look for the rest of the run of Nintendo Fun Club News.  See you next issue!

Play with power!